Head-Up Displays

Head-up displays (HUD) for other applications than airplanes are in the embryonic stages of development and deployment. Several automobile manufacturers have developed and marketed basic HUD systems offering a glimpse of the capabilities that such systems offer. However, the current generation of HUDs provide very simple information display and very limited integration into the vehicle systems, typically providing little more than a speedometer in the driver's field-of-view.

The full potential of a HUD has not been realised by the past or present generation of vehicle HUDs. Beyond the simple display of speed and tachometer information there are significant opportunities for the application of system integration principles and human-centred engineering. At HUD Solutions we exploit these opportunities to bring to the market advanced HUD solutions with tangible advantages in productivity, safety and driver comfort.

In addition, HUD Solutions has confronted the unique challenges of the commercial vehicle, off-highway vehicle and train industries to offer solutions tailored for their unique geometries.